Going Green…


I ran across an interesting study this week that came out in December by TNS entitled Our Green World. This was a survey of over 13,000 people across the world studying green attitudes, perceptions and behaviors. Part of the survey focused on whether people are willing to pay more to purchase products from ‘green’ companies, and whether they are willing to choose ‘green’ companies over those that are perceived as non-green.

Some interesting statistics show that in the US, 53% say they’re willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products. 56% say that a 5% price premium is acceptable – and 44% are willing to pay even more. It’s unclear whether these specific numbers translate to insurance purchases. But over half of the respondents say that our views of how green a company is influences their decision to purchase from that company Here’s another interesting data point. By 2010 IDC expects that for every dollar of new server spending, an additional $0.70 will be needed for power and cooling. This is a dramatic increase from the mere $0.21 needed in 2000.

So why go green? Certainly there are environmental reasons, but moving towards a greener operation can result in significant savings – and can potentially increase business.



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