More on Innovation


In other innovation news, Zurich appoints a new head of “Customer-Centric Innovation.”

“Success will require a very close working relationship between Zurich Innovation, Zurich Proposition Development and the IT organization,” he comments. “One of the most common errors in the product development process is to fail to have the CIO’s office represented in the room from day-one.”

Zurich is taking an interesting route here, leading from the business side with a customer focus. Our report on innovation showed that business staff can be the real hurdle to innovation, so hopefully Zurich’s strategy of leading from the business side will extend down into the ranks and not be just an executive initiative. And the point about bringing IT into product development from day one is very important. As one of our recent reports on product development and speed to market showed, IT is often only 25% of total new product development effort, but it is often poorly coordinated with business efforts.



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