Five Tips for Tweeting


Mashable had an interesting article out this week on Twittering for corporations. 40 of the Best Twitter Brands and the People Behind Them

Interesting that no insurance carriers showed up as one of the best Twitter brands. But it is still early days. How would an insurance company use Twitter? Think of it as PR or advertising.It’s a great way to build loyalty and shape your brand.Think of tweeting safety tips, commentary on current events, or use as a customer service tool. If someone tweets with a problem, Twitter provides a great tool for demonstrating fast response in a very public way.

Here’s some tips for getting started:

  • Secure your Twitter name – remember the lessons of the early days of dotcom – don’t let your company twitter handle be swiped up by someone else.

  • Delegate a full time ambassador. Being able to communicate directly with someone who has a face and a name in the company can be very powerful.

  • Be sure your Tweeter is someone who understands your corporate brand. Don’t let your Twitter usage conflict with your current brand identity.

  • Remember to keep it light. “Tweeple” like Twitter to be fun and engaging And keep it personal. People bond with companies whose tweets feel like they came from a real person rather than simply a restatement of the corporate line.

  • Respond quickly to Tweets. Remember that it’s public so when a customer posts a complain or asks a question, the entire twitter community can virtually see it. Response time is critical for building brands.

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