Improving Agency Relationships with Technology


The Winter 2008 IIABNY Report on Carrier Performance is out.  You can read the Executive Summary here.   The IIABNY Index is composed entirely of ratings from agency principals or leaders responsible for carrier relations in New York.  While it’s a small sample, it is an interesting study.

The study surveys agents across six dimensions of their carrier relationships.  The second dimension measured is   Technology and documentation are easy to use. It’s notable that this factor increased for all carrier types except regionals where it dropped slightly.

Now of course, technology didn’t get worse for regionals.  They didn’t withdraw or decommission critical technology for their agents.  What changed is agent expectations. As the marketplace continues to improve their capabilities, those who stand still are penalized.  That’s probably why we’re seeing a continuing interest in technologies that help carriers improve their ease of doing business with agents.

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