Manage Your Reputation Online


With looming layoffs and a declining economy,  reputation management is an area that is getting more attention by Marketing VP’s.  It used to be commonly thought that a person who has had an unpleasant experience with a business would tell 9 or 10 other people.  But with the rise of social networking, that can quickly become thousands who hear a negative message.  And if that message rises to the top of a search request, it can spread like a virus, quickly escalating into a brand marketer’s nightmare.  Launching a solid reputation management strategy may utilize a variety of techniques.

Blogging or utilizing social networking through forums such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace are clearly tools that can be used to build an online reputation.  But other tools such as community building, link strategies, search engine optimization, online publicity, online editorials, and even product reviews are all tools that can be used to help manage a company’s online reputation.

We’re seeing increased interest from insurance carriers in utilizing these techniques. Look for Twitter accounts with insurance in their name and you’ll find 105 Tweeters.  Check out Facebook and you’ll find over 500 profiles.

Marketers will come to IT for advice on how to get started in these areas.   Check out some of the research that we’ve done on Web 2.0, Website Optimization, and Tips for Tweeting.   Got a question about Web 2.0?  Ask it through the comment field or send me an email at


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